Dental Fillings

Dental Fillings in El Paso, Texas

One way of treating dental cavities is by getting dental fillings. At the dental office of Walter L. Tippin DDS and Paul Apilado DDS, the health and appearance of your smile matter to us, so we use only the best materials when filling your teeth.

Filling Cavities

While the procedure generally takes only a few minutes, the expected procedure time for filling cavities is about an hour. This gives your dentist enough time to take x-rays, walk you through the procedure, and complete the dental work. Filling cavities is done under anesthesia, usually using local anesthetics. The dentist then drills the decay, checks to make sure he has removed it all and replaces the area with a filling. While filling cavities is routine for dentists and carries very few risks, you may contact our El Paso office in case you have any questions.

Dental fillings are most regularly used to fill a cavity in the tooth. However, tooth fillings may also be used to fix damaged teeth as a result of teeth grinding or breaking a tooth.

Types of Fillings

Many options are available for tooth fillings, each having unique properties. Talk to your dentist to determine which type of filling may be best for you, taking into account the cost, your insurance, and your visual preferences.

Silver amalgam fillings: The most researched material used for filling in decayed teeth, amalgam has been used for over a hundred years by dental professionals. Amalgam fillings are made of a combination of metals to form a strong filling. This type of filling is generally one of the less expensive options for fillings, but they are noticeable to the eye.

Composite fillings: Composites, often called resin fillings, are a more natural-looking type of filling made of glass or quartz. They are reasonably strong but less so than silver.

Gold fillings: Gold can be used to fill a cavity. They are a more expensive option, usually chosen for patients with specific aesthetic preferences.

Porcelain: Another tooth-colored option, porcelain fillings are less likely to stain than other natural counterparts.

Your dentist may recommend a filling at your regular check-up. This should be done every six months. At the dental office of Tippin and Apilado, we would be happy to discuss the different types of fillings and which may be the best option for you. Call our office at 915-855-4200 to schedule an appointment in the El Paso area or to learn more about dental fillings.

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