Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns in El Paso, Texas

Tooth crowns in El Paso are fixed dental restorations. This type of prosthetic is designed to restore a damaged tooth to its original size and shape. A dental crown is cemented on to a severely decayed, cracked or otherwise damaged tooth crown. However, in some cases, they do extend to the root surface. But typically, dental crowns are placed to restore the visible portion of a tooth. For that purpose, it makes sense that the permanent cap is also known as a crown.

Once cemented in place, the restoration completed encase the damaged tooth. It covers the entire structure above the gum line. Furthermore, custom-fitted crowns can be made of several different materials, including porcelain, composite resin, ceramics, and gold.

Dental Crowns in El Paso

Our dentist in El Paso uses porcelain crowns for several purposes. They strengthen teeth weakened by root canal therapy. Crowns also repair chipped or broken teeth. Also, a dental crown can prevent tooth cracks from worsening. At Walter L. Tippin DDS, Paul Apilado DDS, Inc, they are also used to add support to decayed teeth with large fillings. What’s more, different types of crowns are used to secure bridgework. In every case, a dental crown is a supportive appliance that replaces or aids a structure that no longer functions efficiently.

Dental crowns are commonly used at Walter L. Tippin DDS, Paul Apilado DDS, Inc to fix broken, cracked, misshapen or otherwise damaged teeth. A crown can restore the shape, alignment, and appearance of an imperfect tooth. Furthermore, the fixed restoration looks, feels, and functions just like a natural tooth.

Tooth Crowns at Walter L. Tippin DDS, Paul Apilado DDS, Inc

A porcelain crown is custom-made to fit perfectly over the top of an injured tooth. As a result, it provides strength and protection. The durable restoration is fixed to a tooth with cement. It serves as a new tooth crown while holding the weakened structure together.

Crowns are made of strong and resilient materials. They are designed to endure the intense chewing and biting forces of the mouth. Consider a crown as a cap or a cover for the visible portion of a damaged tooth. Once your El Paso dentist fixes the restoration in place, it becomes a functioning part of the tooth.

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